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  :: 선무도 골굴사 ::
선무도 골굴사
선무도 템플스테이

Golgul Temple is open year-round to individuals and groups who wish to experience life at a Korean Zen Buddhist temple. Located about 20 kilometers outside of Gyeongju, the ancient capital of Korea, it is surrounded by the beauty of undisturbed nature. The Templestay program provides participants with a magnificent chance to relax, reflect and revitalize themselves in a tranquil environment.
Major activities in the Templestay program include: attending Buddhist ceremonial chanting services; Seon (Zen) meditation; a daily tea ceremony; Paragongyang, a Buddhist meal with traditional bowls (on Sundays); community work around the temple grounds; 108 bows, a chance to reflect on your true nature; and training in Seon (Zen) yoga and Sunmudo, which is Zen Martial Arts.
You’ll come back home richer at heart, more fully alive, more fully awake, more fully at peace. Check out our flippagebook more detailed inmation. (english) (한글)
선무도 템플라이프 Sunmudo with TempleLife (english) (한국어)


선무도 골굴사